/Extreme Chicken Horse free

Extreme Chicken Horse free

Extreme Chicken Horse free Download (Steam) Game

About This Game

Ever wish you were a divider hopping, bolt avoiding, trap-setting horse, besting your creature buddies in a race through a danger loaded hindrance course that all of you fabricated together?

Wish Granted!

Extreme Chicken Horse is a gathering platformer where you and your companions construct the level as you play, setting dangerous traps before attempting to achieve the end of the level. On the off chance that you can make it yet your companions can’t, you get a point! Play online or locally with your creature mates and try different things with a wide assortment of stages in a wide range of odd areas to discover better approaches to upset your companions.

Extreme Chicken Horse free
Extreme Chicken Horse free

Key Features

Online and nearby play

One of a kind amusement stream, from key piece situation to jerk control platforming

Tremendous library of pieces to make an endless assortment of levels

Play as a chicken, stallion, sheep, and other magnificent creatures

Fun, cartoony workmanship style

Sweet hip soundtrack

Framework Requirements


Macintosh OS X

SteamOS + Linux


OS: Windows XP or better

DirectX: Version 9.0c

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