/Ninja Panda Run Ninja Exam Tips

Ninja Panda Run Ninja Exam Tips

Ninja Panda Run Ninja Exam Tips

At the point when a youthful panda needs to end up a ninja, he first needs to finish the ninja exams in flawlessness. These exams are not composed on paper, but rather are difficulties of the psyche and body. Motivate prepared to run, hop, avoid and use genuine forces to beat all the 18 levels of Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam in 2016!

Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam is one of the two amusements of 8Square Games, a genuinely new engineer on the scene. Their other crisp discharge is called Zombie Reaper – Zombie Game, and the two diversions are so far off from one another that one must think about whether they can pull off both of these kinds from the begin.

Similarly as client appraisals go, Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam has earned a 4.3/5 stars rating on the Google Play Store since its discharge in 2016. With a moderately low measure of downloads, the diversion’s future is flawed. We arrive today to check in the event that it has anything putting it all on the line, or in the event that it’s simply one more of the numerous. Gone ahead now, and we should investigate!

At first you may be tricked by the photos of Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam, as it may recommend that his is an interminable runner sort of amusement, yet it’s truly not. The amusement is to a greater extent a level based runner, where there is dependably a conclusion to each. Your occupation is to achieve this end by controlling the youthful panda.

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About Ninja Panda Run Ninja Exam

The controls of the amusement are really simple, in light of the fact that your panda is continually running, and you should simply swipe in the bearing where you need him to move. This likewise applies to swiping here and there, as up will make him bounce, conceivably twice if done again in a brisk progression. On the other hand on the off chance that you swipe down, then he will slide on his back for a brief span. These moves will be frequently valuable, as the ninja exam that the panda is going to take incorporates a considerable measure of running, and not on a vacant field, but rather among a pack of snags, just to make it harder.


For the previously stated reason, avoiding is a standout amongst the most critical abilities in the diversion, and you need to ace it to be fruitful. There are various approaches to evade, and everything matters on you which one you pick. Every level has no less than three paths to move between, and now and again evading as generally as basic as moving left or right onto the other way. In any case, at different times you will need to hop over a bar, or even twofold bounce above gigantic frogs sitting in the way. Running into anything will promptly end the run, making you need to restart in the event that you need to advance through the 18 levels.

To help you in the exams, Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam has four distinct forces accessible toward the start of every run, and you get the chance to pick one of them to use on the present run. The main force is the Tiger Fist, and it’s really a magnet power, bringing about the panda to draw in all coins adjacent when the magnet is turned on. The optional force is a Meteor Slash, and it’s a throwable weapon, which can pulverize a few articles and adversaries that are standing out.

The third power is Tai Ji, and it adds an extraordinary Divine Shield to you which will spare you from littler snags and perils. In conclusion, argurably the most great force is the Monkey King’s Invincibility Sprint, permitting you to go through anything for a brief timeframe without harming yourself. The magnet force is allowed to utilize, yet the staying three cost 3,000 to 45,000 coins to open.

Since coins are clearly required, as should be obvious, these are found on levels. More often than not they are scattered about all around, and gathering them is not that hard, despite the fact that the sums can be entirely low.

Another element that is vital to remember is that the exams are about avoiding, as well as a decent number of them is likewise time restricted, so you need to enter the completion line before the commencement wraps up. There are three completion lines on every level, and coming to the farthest one yields the most coin prizes at last. To help you not come up short on time, Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam rather chooses to add an energy to your panda which is constantly accessible. This force enacts a twofold burst of pace, and it will proceed until killed. This can be flipped on and off whenever, as keeping it on reasons the amusement to move by too quick to possibly be ready to respond to everything.

While the amusement utilizes coins to purchase powers, there are no in-application buys of any sort found here. Pop-in advertisements then again can be visit, as they generally show up while evolving menus, and in some cases they will even seem soon after a completed or fizzled level. Flag promotions will likewise be continually unmistakable at the base of the screen, notwithstanding amid gameplay. There is no real way to handicap these, shockingly.

Cheats and Tips for Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam

Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam can be tought to play now and again, particularly while utilizing the pace burst capacity. Quick response times are not generally enough, and you might need to attempt a few tricks nearby them. In the event that you are occupied with these tricks, or simply need to know more about tips on the most proficient method to show signs of improvement at the diversion, then read on!


To have a superior chance at completing levels, you will unquestionably require exceptional forces. Opening these can be entirely costy, as the least expensive one goes for 3,000 coins, while the most costly one costs 75,000 coins. At first this appears to be difficult to win, yet with coin cheats you can get your hands on the required sum in a matter of seconds!

One approach to get these free coins is by heading off to the “Free Coins” menu, and finding the minimal green checkmark at the top center of the page. Tapping on that will give you a chance to watch and advertisement, and in return it will grant you 300 coins for nothing. You can rehash this procedure 20 times each day, implying that you can undoubtedly get 6,000 coins for every day thusly! On the off chance that that is not an insane acquiring, then I’m not certain what is.

Another incredible approach to create some additional coins is by utilizing the “X3” cheat catch after a level disappointment. Pushing this catch will take you to watch another notice, yet a short time later the amusement will triple your end currencies, regardless of what number of you gathered on the level. So on the off chance that you figure out how to get 1,000 coins on a level, then it will transform that into 3,000.

With respect to general gameplay tips in Ninja Panda Run – Ninja Exam, I prescribe you to take the magnet power into all the prior levels, as it helps an awesome arrangement in gathering a larger number of coins than it would be conceivable regularly. Yes, the Meteor Slash can look great, however it’s not as valuable as it appears, and it’s more like a misuse of 3,000 coins. You ought to spare that up for a superior powerups, for example, the Tai Ji divine shield, or the Invincibility Rush, both of which are better than whatever is

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