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Rocky Rider 2 Cheats

Rocky Rider 2 Cheats

In the event that you messed around with the first Rocky Rider, you will be upbeat to find out about the redid, flashier and more nitty gritty spin-off, Rocky Rider 2! The testing gameplay of the first diversion remains, while the bugs have been resolved and new components included. Demonstrate your ability and finish all levels on three stars, redesign your autos and gather accomplishments for 2016!

Rough Rider 2 is a tough dashing diversion made by Iriysoft, and discharged under PlayHub. The amusement has earned appraisals of 3/5 stars to 4.2/5 stars since its discharge over numerous sites in 2016. How well does this continuation settle the issues of the first diversion, and what are the new components precisely? Perused on to discover!

On the off chance that you have played the first Rocky Rider, you will most likely recall the material science glitches and the not all that appealing visuals. These two issues surely took away a percentage of the enjoyment from that amusement, however fortunately the engineers have listened to input and completely reconsidered the spin-off!

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About Rocky Rider 2

To begin things off, the fundamental gameplay keeps with it as some time recently, with well known controls. You move your auto with the bolt scratches, spending for forward development, down for in reverse development, while left and right are to adjust your auto. The spacebar is utilized to bounce with your auto, however it likewise incorporates an additional component, called rocket sponsors. You can utilize these promoters whenever to make your auto fly, while you have fuel in your tank, demonstrated at the base right half of the screen.

Presently, with these fundamental controls, your occupation is to finished each of the 12 levels offered by the diversion, and ensure that you get the most stars conceivable. Every level has three stars accessible to gather, and each has distinctive necessities. The main star is recompensed for just completing the level, while the second star may be yours in the event that you figure out how to finish it before a commencement clock on the screen achieves zero. The third star is more precarious however, as it’s a prize for gathering letters around the present level, spelling “Reward” on the off chance that you figure out how to get each of the five.

The objectives in Rocky Rider 2 are clear, however getting to them is not as simple as it sounds. Most levels will have hindrances and challenges, which you won’t not have the capacity to finish on a first attempt. There are rough slopes where the rocket supporters are crucial to get by, or frigid mountains where compelling velocities are required to drive up frosty streets. On different levels you may need to maintain a strategic distance from corrosive pools in a wilderness by bouncing over it, or you will need to evade meteor strikes in a well of lava.

Levels likewise have numerous approaches to go on occasion, yet some may be just available by utilizing diverse autos. Yes, there are three auto sorts in the amusement, which you can swap to at any vehicle station. You begin with the essential 4×4 wheeler, which is the most adjusted auto, however now and again you will need to swap. Every vehicle station will show what auto it has inside, then remaining on top of the station will swap your present auto to the new one. The smaller than normal auto may give you a chance to travel through little passages, or speed through time constrained impediments, while the beast truck can move beyond colossal blockages all the more effectively, and take more hits from shooting stars, for instance.

Regardless of which auto you pick in Rocky Rider 2, each of them will take harm subsequent to flipping around and landing upside down, or on the off chance that they keep running into something at a rapid. Taking an excess of harm and losing all the auto’s wellbeing will make it crash and blast, making you lose an existence. Approaches to escape this destiny is by hopping and trusting that you can balance out the auto, or gathering Repair Kits that in a split second restore some wellbeing to your present auto. The rocket supporters could likewise be utilized to turn the auto around, and gathering rocket fuel pickups will restore the fuel tank.

A few obstructions and level difficulties can be made simpler with the assistance of the new Shop highlight, where you can redesign every one of the three of your autos at the same time. Redesigns cost coins, which are assembled on levels by driving or bouncing into gliding coins. Conceivable overhauls incorporate the Armor, which makes your autos ready to take more harm before blasting, while the Helmet redesign gives you more lives per level, so you can retry different times before fizzling it through and through.

At that point there are the Wheels, expanding every auto’s pace, and the Magnet, which helps you gather coins all the more effortlessly in Rocky Rider 2. Overhauling the Fuel Tank will give you a chance to fly for a more extended time with the rocket promoters, while acquiring the Megadrill will give you a chance to crush certain dividers on levels. The last two overhauls are the Repair Kit, which makes them mend more, and the Radar, adding an accommodating radar to your screen to demonstrate the design of every level.

rough rider-two-tricks hack-2

Other than gathering three stars on all levels, the amusement highlights another sort of objectives too: accomplishments! Some of these are really straightforward, for example, the need to finish a level without colliding with get the “First Try” accomplishment, while others may be trickier, similar to the “Triple Flip”, requesting that you do a triple flip without smashing. Each finished accomplishment will likewise compensate you with coins, making auto redesigns accessible prior.

Cheats and Tips for Rocky Rider 2

In the event that you are searching for tricks in regards to Rocky Rider 2, you are in the ideal spot! In the event that something is valid about this amusement arrangement, the actuality they are really troublesome. To get the most out of this title, let me give you a couple of thoughts regarding cheats and tips!

The principal cheat or deceive you will need to use in the amusement is clearly the rocket supporter. In the first amusement you needed to gather powerups to utilize the sponsors, however in this spin-off you begin with these prepared on every level. Utilize this further bolstering your good fortune and enact the sponsors at whatever time you imagine that a bounce may be excessively troublesome, or on the off chance that you simply need to skip ahead and fly over a snag. Gathering the blue promoter fuel pickups will restore the fuel tank, permitting you to continue flying for more!


In the event that you appear to be not able complete certain levels, then think about taking as a slower approach at it. Not all levels grant rapid, and you will need to back off on occasion. Most “Extra” letters won’t be anything but difficult to discover either in the event that you simply speed past them, and some of these letters may be covered up in undetectable passages or caverns. To discover these spots, you will need to move gradually over their passage, and they will be uncovered.

rough rider-two-tricks hack-4

Additionally bear in mind the Shop of Rocky Rider 2, where you ought to continually redesign the auto at whatever time there are sufficient coins to do as such. Upgrading so as to slam can be kept away from Armor, while every single other redesign are likewise exceedingly helpful, for example, the Fuel Tank, which will make your sponsors last more. One that you can consider not getting however is the Radar, which can without much of a stretch be dismissed and it will offer you some assistance with keeping more coins for better overhauls.

Rough Rider 2 Review

Subsequent to having a ton of fun time with the first Rocky Rider, and similarly being disillusioned by its glitches, it’s protected to say I was all in all correct to expect awesome enhancements from this continuation. Thankfully, Rocky Rider 2 conveyed!

To begin things off, I truly delighted in the tremendous movement in artstyle from the first diversion, which was for the most part bland, with genuine foundations that were truly low determination, and just the auto models to stay out. Rough Rider 2 brandishes a completely distinctive outline, while rethinking the autos and levels with cartoony, definite foundations.

The glitches are likewise totally gone, and I haven’t had a solitary time where the diversion responded in a way that was unforeseen. The controls felt truly strong and responsive, which I delighted in a considerable measure. Likewise the way that the rocket sponsors can be utilized from the begin without the requirement for powerups is a fascinating change, as it adds another measurement to the gamepl

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