Zombie Defense Hack

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Zombie Defense Hack

Download our Zombie Defense hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you choose Android or iOS. The 2016 hack does not require a jailbreak or APK root to use.  No surveys to fill out! The ads will disable automatically.

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Cheats and Tips for Zombie Defense

There aren’t really many cheats that can be done on this game (in fact theres none), but there are some tips that may be helpful when playing the game. When you come across a level that might look like it is difficult it is good to sometimes just take a bit more time to strategically place the members on your team.


Sometimes it is good to have all of your firepower in one concentrated area, but other times it is good (better) to spread them out all over the level field to combat more zombies at once. But it is always good to make sure you survey the level beforehand and place your members under protection.

Zombie Defense Review

I think that Zombie Defense wasn’t that great of a game. The graphics on the game (even though it is a mobile game) were quite lacklustre at best. Although the concept is a good concept (not the most original but still good) it does not have the programming behind it to make it go to the top for games. The gameplay always feels like it’s just lacking some element to it that the game realy needs to be good, but is just missing it.


Zombie Defense Hack Download - Hack Tool Zombie Defense Hack

Zombie Defense Hack

The gun sound effects don’t do that much for the game, what the developers could have done was taken maybe a real gunshot but instead the gunshots in the game feel a little too rapid, and they just seem way too fake for this type of game. Something that really stood out for me about this game though, was the lack of background music. This game is the perfect time to put in some sort of post apocalyptic music that goes along with the zombie thing, but there was no such thing there which was a dissapointment. The developers really did poorly in one certain aspect of the game which was advertisements.

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